It’s not the first time i’ve learnt it this lesson but sometimes a body needs a gentle reminder!

The lesson:

No matter how amazing cakes/cupcakes in fancy schmancy bakeries look, they normally taste like shit.

Okay, not every bakery. Maybe I just have bad luck? I try places that I’ve heard such amazing things about like Peyton and Byrne or The Walk and I am severely disappointed.

Cupcakes that are dry (The Walk), flavourless and gross (Peyton and Byrne) or covered in dust (Carluccios Nottingham – although not strictly a bakery!). This from bakeries/restaurants when Waitrose can make a lovely cherry and geranium cupcake that is pre packaged and yet moist and delicious – for £1? Not good enough.

Here’s a picture of my Peyton and Byrne cupcake from today – I had such high hopes for it and was willing to take a break from my healthy eating since they only have branches down in London and I’ve been wanting to try one.

Here’s a picture of it – Peyton and Byrne cupcake – £2.50

Now I have no problem paying £2.50 for a good cupcake – but for a bad one, nay an inedible one, that hurts! Oddly, I had actually asked the slightly surly assistant in Peyton and Byrne for a vaniilla cupcake but when I opened the box later I had a chocolate cupcake.

The cake wasn’t dry, but it was completely lacking in flavour. The frosting was very very odd indeed. As you can see in the picture, the texture of it is pretty gross looking and it tasted gross too. It tasted like mushy mush vaguely flavoured with melted walls ice cream, although that makes it sound better than it was. Not good.

I’ll stop moaning now.

By the way – the amazing I heart cupcakes and An American Cupcake in London do stellar work trawling the capital for the best (and worst) cupcakes. Well worth a read so that you can avoid bad cupcake experiences! And An American Cupcake in London had good results making Peyton and Byrne cupcakes (herself) from their new cookbook. I’m sure the results are fantastic when you make the cakes yourself at home.

Because at the end of the day, those fancy schmancy cafes and bakeries just can’t compete with home baking.