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Or, what I did last night!

Since it started officially in Feb 2010, Nottinghamshire’s newest Women’s Institute has gone from strength to strength and I have the best time at the meetings. I am the president, which means I have to do a bit of standing up and talking and a bit of organising for the meetings, but our WI is run in quite an informal, loose fashion which leaves plenty of time for good old fashioned chatting and socialising in our meetings.

Last night we had a talk by Hannah Wroe who is a lovely lovely local lady who is very highly trained in pattern cutting and bespoke fashion design. Check out her website at Hannah and Bella. It was incredible to see Hannah’s passion for vintage clothes making and design and also to learn about the level of skill that was commonplace in previous generations that is being preserved by so few people nowadays.

If you’re interested in coming  to our next meeting, its on Wednesday May 11th at the community centre on Mansfield Road, Nottingham at 7.30pm. Great if you’re looking to meet people and make new friends!