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The past few weeks I’ve been eating very badly, not getting quite enough sleep and, during the house move, I stopped running every day.

Sometimes its really easy to want to skip a run or eat some junk food because the consequences aren’t immediately apparent. You have to skip a few runs and eat a lot of food to gain even one pound, so what does it matter to have a little break?

The answer for me is, I feel terrible.

I’m tired, irritable, acting like a bitch (acting like a bitch for me anyway. If you were on the receiving end, I’m sorry!), feeling insecure and bloated, all of which I attribute to the way I’ve been eating and, (probably more so) the lack of exercise of the last couple of weeks.

So today, I’ve been inspired by this post on Beth’s Journey to set some goals and make some changes. Because (hopefully) committing to things in writing makes it more likely that they will happen!

I’m going to

  • resume daily(ish) runs and workouts (I love 10 minute toning by Cindy Whitmarsh!)
  • make healthy choices 90% of the time and try (amazing how hard this actually is) to only eat when I’m actually hungry
  • kick the sugar habit

Wish me luck! And let me know what you’re health goals are at the moment!