Coming across the rainbow cake on I am baker the other day reminded me of some other amazing cakes that I would one day…. perhaps…. like to attempt to make.

I say perhaps because I’m torn… I LOVE the look of these cakes (who wouldn’t), partly because I love rainbows and rainbow colours. They’re just so pretty and bright and exuberant and they can’t fail to make you smile.


  • its a lot of work…. for something you will eat. Yeah.
  • its a whole mess of food colouring stained hands, (you’ll also need gel colours, which are expensive – to buy first time, not necessarily per use – but I haven’t taken the leap yet) kitchen counters, food colouring stained marty and milo, so many pans and bowls to wash up. Its a whole mess. You can minimise the mess if you have some disposable foil cake tins but they don’t seem to have caught on in this country (Lakeland don’t sell them…. let me know if anyone has seen any!)

Having said that, again, they’re just so pretty! Take a look at these pictures from Confessions of a (Closet) Master Baker. This is called the Lovers, the Dreamers and Me cake.

Naming your cake? I like it. If my chocolate and vanilla marble cake from sunday had a name, it would be Mabel.

Pictures from Confessions of a (Closet) Master Baker

Confessions of a (Closet) Master Baker

The red stuff on the top? Pulverised cake crumb on top of white frosting. Amazing.

Check out this Love cake as well

What the WHAT!

If you love the look of rainbow cakes but that all looks like too much effort, you could always try this easier alternative.

Frosting and smarties (skittles would work a treat too). And…. relax.