This weekend has been mainly lazy! The weather has been so rubbish that I’ve mostly stayed inside (although I did manage to mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn is HARD!).

My routine is always pretty much the same at the weekend – first fuel up!

With yummy museli, with coconut, raisins, oats, and nuts a plenty, plus natural yoghut, honey, cinnamon and nut butter. I tried almond butter (nice) and I’ve just finished a jar of Hazlenut butter (exactly like nutella minus the chocolate sugar hit) – next up I want to get a jar of Sunflower butter (Holland & Barratt sell them for about £2.70) as Kath is always raving about it!

Then hit the treadmill (today those two things were between two hours of ironing – super boring!) – I usually run about 4-5 miles a day at the weekend.

Then I normally do some chores and we make dinner! Last night I used this bread mix to make some focaccia. It is easier to make than from scratch focaccia because it takes a lot less time to rise, but the flavour of fresh rosemary is hard to beat and I didn’t feel this packet version could replicate that. It was yummy and garlicy though!

I also added some mozerella on top – and I cooked it for a bit too long!

Enjoyed with a yummy salad with roasted peppers, sweet potato, red onion, tomatoes, beetroot and feta cheese.

Marty and Milo say hi!!!