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These are two (almost but not quite) polar opposite things to be occupying my thoughts at the moment but here’s what I’m obsessed with at the moment!

  1. Fringe. I recall reading about Fringe in the sky magazine (thank you sky magazine!!) and also just generally hearing around the web that it was awesomesauce (but complicated!).  I downloaded the first series originally as something to watch on the treadmill while I’m running (I’ve also used Veronica Mars, Bones and Supernatural, but I burn through them fast).  Now I’m nearing the end of the amazing season 3 of Fringe. And I’m going to CRY when I watch the last episode because it is just. so. good and I will have no more to watch. Until the new season begins this autumn, anyway. I won’t even try to explain what Fringe is about, it has parallel universes and is quite quite confusing. In a good way. Just watch it!

2. Anthropologie – When I was at one of the City WI committee members flat for a committee meeting, I spied her fabulous Anthropologie mug and immediately wished that I lived in the US (they have stores in London too but as with lots of stores, they US prices are far cheaper!). Kath is also a fan and its easy to see why – their designs are pretty and whimsical. Although on the negative side, they’re hella expensive and they’re also being boycotted by many bloggers and shoppers along with their sister store Urban Outfitters who are well known for stealing the work of independent artists. Still, look how cute!