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Today I am shopping for lots more barbeque foods, and later on I’m making chocolate truffles (for the first time) – wish me luck! I’ll post the recipe and pictures as soon as I can.

Today I also signed up for the Cake Eaters Anonymous event in Nottingham on June 23rd – I haven’t decided what to make yet – any suggestions?


In the meantime, I’ve already talked about the blogs I love to visit but these are the sites I visit every day. And you should too. If you like that kinda thing!

  • The Daily What – Everyone should visit this site every day! It pulls together interesting and awesome stuff from across the internet so you don’t have to.
  • The Gloss – Like The Frisky, really interesting articles and I recommend their recent Hunger Games series of articles wholeheartedly
  • Lainey Gossip – I am a secretly not so secret celebrity gossip junkie and this site fulfills that need!
  • The Frisky – I read this interesting article today which I have to say I’m pretty much in agreement with
  • And recently, I have been visiting the Fox Fringe community a lot too!