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On thursday I made chocolate truffles for the first time EVER!

I have wanted to make them before (they’re a perfect, thoughtful homemade gift) but it seemed like it might be a bit difficult. I know everyone says its actually really easy and boy its actually SUPER easy!! I got the recipe here (love Waitrose). The only thing to bear in mind is you need to make the ganache a few hours before you want to make the actual truffles so that it can set.

All you need are two ingredients! (to make the basic chocolate truffle, but then you can go crazy decorating them with whatever you want)

  • 225g plain chocolate
  • 175ml double cream

First, chop the chocolate until its in pretty small pieces. I don’t like chopping chocolate (it flys everywhere) and I also like taking shortcuts so I left my chocolate in its wrapper and bashed it violently with a rolling pin on the edge of the kitchen counter, terrifying the cats in the process. This gave me finely chopped chocolate with very little effort – plus its a good stress reliever!

I then emptied my pulverised chocolate into a large cereal bowl while I put the double cream on the hob. Bringing cream to a boil is always kind of scary (to me, I don’t know why!) but I’ve done it twice now and its worked out great both times. You just need to bring the cream to a rolling boil in a saucepan and then remove from the heat and quickly pour over your chopped chocolate.

It will start to melt and undergo the most delicious transformation, from grainy pale coloured substance, to thick, glossy, delightful chocolate ganache!

I put the ganache in the fridge for about 2 and a half hours and then tried to make the truffles – no dice, it was still far too melty. In this respect the waitrose recipe (which called for it to be cooled at room temperature for an hour and a half) is completely off, as many of the people had said in the comments. Oh and there was also one other problem with the recipe – it said that it makes 45-60 truffles and mine made about 15! I’m not sure they were particularly gargantun and I will admit to eating some of the raw ganache but just be aware of that in case you want to make them!

Anyway, so I put the mix in the freezer then for about 30-40 minutes (while I did some DIY!) at which point it was usable.

For my toppings, I had prepared –

  • a bowl of icing sugar
  • a bowl of cocoa powder
  • finely chopped coconut (I used coconut strands from the health food shop and chopped them myself with the mezzeluna – fabulous to use! And they tasted more coconutty than if I’d bought dessicated coconut)
  • Chocolate sprinkles (from Tesco)

I then scooped out teaspoonfulls of mixture and rolled it in my hand into a rough ball shape before rolling in my chosen topping (you have to work really fast as the ganache starts to melt in your hand, so my truffles weren’t perfectly round and uniform).

And here’s what they looked like! The coconut ones were my favourite – they tasted a bit like an inside out Bounty bar!