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Since mondays are intrinsically a little depressing, and since the June weather is so far a little short of the GLORIOUS I was hoping for (shape up in time for my birthday BBQ, damnit!) here’s a collection of random thoughts, articles, blog posts and recommendations to make the first day of the new week just a little bit more bearable!

  • Take a look at the OECD Better Life Initiative (although that title makes it sound vastly more boring than it actually is). It uses statistics to show, in a beautifully visual and simple way, what its like to live in various countries, and where they rank against each other on measures like Income, Environment, Health and Governance. You can also compare countries which is very useful if you’re thinking, say, of moving from the UK to Canada after having watched One Week.

  • Check out this funny article by Charlie Brooker over at The Guardian about how the internet is making us all into spoiled brats
  • I also read this interesting article in The Guardian today about blogging and the growing trend for bloggers to become authors. The article mentioned a couple of UK based food blogs that I hadn’t heard of before, Eat like a girl and Food Stories, both of which I’ll be checking out today.
  • At the weekend, I watched a beautiful film – One Week which is about a man confronting his own mortality and possible impending death with a life-affirming journey across Canada. As well as making me want to visit Canada STAT, (Its so beautiful and vast – according to the OECD site Canada has around half the population of the UK in an area 36 times the size) this film really makes you think about what is truly important in live and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Its available at Amazon and you can also download it from that internet.
  • I also discovered a fellow Nottingham food blogger this weekend! I haven’t been able to find many other Nottingham based bloggers (apart from a few people complaining about the city council a fair bit) so I was very pleased to discover (using this word loosely as she really found me!) Emma and her lovely blog, Kitchen Goddess (in training) when she commented over here on Kerrycooks! Its really nice to see someone else who’s just recently started out blogging and is excited about getting to 1000 page views! If anyone else has heard of or follows any other Nottingham bloggers, let me know as I’d love to know about them!