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I always struggle with making healthy food choices when I eat out, for a few reasons

  • Eating out is normally a ‘treat’ – I’m spending my hard earned pennies on a meal – I don’t realllly want to spend them on a salad
  • I feel compelled to eat everything on my plate because I’ve paid for it (and restaurant portions are often pretty ginormous). Can we start a campaign to make ‘doggy bags’ more of a thing in the UK? Wasting food isn’t cool and neither is overeating!


I tend to eat out before the City WI meetings with my lovely friend Emma (there’s no time to go home before the meeting) but last night we made a healthier choice – roasted tomato and basil soup instead of (our previous favourite) the amazing veggie burger with chips at the Golden Fleece (on Mansfield road).

I would recommend the Golden Fleece veggie burger until the cows come home (I’m having one next week as a treat for my birthday!) but I realise they should probably be just that – treats.

So as a yummy alternative to ‘faster’ food, I heartily recommend the Malt Cross who have a daily soup of the day for only £3.70 (amazing value) that hit the spot and was pretty healthy! Probably would have been better if I hadn’t scarfed ALL of the bread (as you can see, there was a lot of bread!) but one thing at a time! They also do amazing veggie burgers and other great meals but having affordable, tasty healthy options on the menu is really nice.

The Malt Cross is on St. James Street just off the market square so really handy if you’re in town!