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I’ve been buying even MORE baking supplies this week… I decided it was finally time to invest in paste food colours for my baking and bought these from a specialist supplier on ebay. They normally retail at about £2.30 / £2.50 each so 5 for £9.90 isn’t bad. I chose primary red, primary yellow, primary blue, bright pink and purple!! I was sad at first that I couldn’t have green too but then I realised I was being exceptionally thick and that I could make green with blue and yellow!!

Yeah… I’m pretty stupid. But I’m hoping that the new gel colours (plus some new cupcake equipment I’m getting for my birthday) will enable me to make the perfectly piped, brightly coloured cupcakes that I dream of!

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Wow! If wishes came true, I would be eating these right now...

Of course, a google search for brighly coloured cupcakes turned up this picture from Star Bakery! These yellow cupcakes were made by the hugely talented Liana - click on the photo to see more of her creations!

Take a look here for more baking inspiration – product results for cake toppers = 20000… wow!


As you can possibly tell, I’m pretty excited about my 27th birthday tomorrow. I’ve already been treated to lots of lovely presents, flowers and plants and tomorrow I’m treating myself to a Golden Fleece veggie burger (review coming soon!) and some more birthday gifts – I’ll do a post to show you what I’ve bought!

I’ll also be posting the following recipes later this week! So check back soon

  • Mixed berry frozen yoghurt
  • Veggie sausages and mash
  • Watermelon cupcakes


Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get a delicious birthday cupcake in Nottingham?