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Frozen yoghurt is an incredibly popular ice-cream alternative in the states, but its less known over here. There are an increasing number of frozen yoghurt shops down in London but outside of the big smoke its pretty hard to find it anywhere, including supermarkets.

Since I’d been wanting to try it for a while, I made my own! Its super super super duper easy. I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver – its almost as good as Ben & Jerrys! Almost….

Here’s what you need –

  • 500g natural yoghurt (you can use any yoghurt, I love Yeo Valley which is a little more expensive than some of the supermarket versions, but it tastes great, and is good for you and the environment too)
  • 500g frozen or fresh mixed berries (or any other fruit)
  • handful of mint leaves (optional)

Take the ingredients –

Terrible picture – I blended it up in the blender! I would recommend letting your fruit thaw (or use fresh fruit, but frozen can be cheaper) as my blender is obviously not terribly powerful and it struggled a bit to blend up all the frozen fruit.

DON’T WORRY – if you don’t have a blender! You can still make frozen yoghurt – read down to the bottom for more ideas!

Deposit into a tub and freeze! I love the pretty pink colour!

I haven’t had any of my frozen yoghurt yet (properly – I did eat some after I made it and it was delicious!!) but if I did – it would look like this!

Pinkberry is the most well known US frozen yoghurt chain and their toppings are amazing! Here are some more ideas for frozen yoghurt flavour combinations – and you CAN make it without a blender too!

  • Plain yoghurt with swirled berries – you can use any berry OR fruit (chopped banana, melon, passion fruit, grapes, apple, the possibilities are basically endless!) – would also be yum with some toasted nuts! Also great with a fruit coulis sauce
  • Yoghurt with caramel and banana swirl – just fold some chopped banana through the yoghurt with some shop bought caramel sauce (ice cream aisle) and let the yum commence
  • Yoghurt with chocolate sauce and chopped toasted nuts
  • Yoghurt with brownie chunks/oreo crumbles/cake chunks/peanut butter swirl/smarties ETC

Getting progressively less healthy there towards the bottom of the list – but overall, the possibilities are endless!