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Homemade pasta sounds a lot of things – yummy, italian, but quick isn’t a word you’d normally associate with making pasta from scratch! Believe it or not its actually super simple and easy to do and only added a few minutes onto the time it took me to make this meal.

Time till you’ll be eating it – (including chilling pasta) 45 minutes – but the total time you’re doing stuff is more like 20

What you’ll need – Flour, eggs, pasta sauce, onion, vegetables,

Cost per serving – £1.98 (using value plain flour and free range eggs)


I was encouraged to take the plunge and make homemade pasta for the first time when a friend mentioned that she had done it and it had been pretty easy. I’d always put it off but the way she was describing it, it all sounded so simple… and I made it that night!

This is all you need

  • 300g plain flour * I used 200g plain and 100g wholemeal flour
  • 3 eggs

Or to make less pasta you can use 100g/1g or more – this is pretty much the most easily scalable recipe in the history of the world

Put the flour in a bowl, and add the eggs (already beaten so that they’re more of an egg mix rather than separate yolks and whites). Mix and although you won’t think it will, it will come together into a strange little dough. Knead it for a while (10 minutes if you can, I think I gave up after 5) and then rest the dough in the fridge (wrapped completely in cling film) for about 20-30 minutes.

After the dough has had its rest, take it out of the fridge and cut a small piece to use for your meal. It depends how many people you’re planning on feeding but as you probably know from cooking pasta, it goes a long way. I used about a fifth of the pasta dough I’d made and froze the rest (which makes it even more convenient as after the first time you will have leftover pasta in your freezer!). Around this time, you also need to have your pasta sauce on the go, since your pasta will only take about 4 minutes to cook once its rolled out and ready to go. I chopped red onions, peppers, mushroom and courgette and cooked in a pan until they softened, and added a tesco organic tomato and basil sauce (I believe I bought it because it was cheap – under a pound).

Then roll out the dough on a floured surface. Try to get it as thin as you possibly can with the rolling pin. Its best to roll a small amount of dough at once so that its easy to roll out without it getting stuck to your surface (try to keep it moving).

Then cut your pasta into whatever shape your heart desires. As you can see I made ‘rustic’ linguine type shapes from mine. If I made them again I would try and roll the dough more thinly and cut the linguine into much thinner shards, but for a first try, I was heartily impressed with myself! The pasta was delicious and tasted all the better for being made by me!


Have you ever made pasta at home? Did you use a pasta rolling machine?