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Sorry about the lack of posts today, I’ve been feeling rather pants! But I’m feeling betterish now and I’m back to tell you about my cake pop-atastrophe. Yesterday I tried my hand at making cake pops for the first time.

To those who I’ve happily enthused on to about how very easy cake pops are to make in the last few months – I apologise.

Here’s what happened – I followed this great, really clear tutorial from Decorate This!

I’m not being sarcastic here, it really is a great tutorial with lots of pictures.

I felt safe and happy. Nothing could go wrong.


Here’s what I started out with –

  • 2 500g madeira cakes from Tesco. Should’ve made a special trip to waitrose to get nicer cake as these cakes did not smell, look or taste very appetising!
  • I 450G tub of Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream frosting
  • 400g plain chocolate (Proportions for the cake and frosting were fine but I would have needed more like 700g chocolate to cover all the cake pops.
  • sprinkles!

First, we crumble our cake! On the left is one whole cake, and in the bowl is one crumbled cake.

The cake is now completely crumbled – I did it by hand but you could also use a food processor.

Here’s the icing I used – if you want to have a go!

First cake pop! I mixed the whole can of frosting with the crumbs from the two cakes and started rolling balls of cake in my hand.

Then I popped them in the freezer for a bit to firm up while I  make my special cake pop holder, aka a cardboard box with some holes stabbed into it. I sure do like stabbing things in the kitchen, huh!

Then I made lollipop holes in the cake balls and used some melted chocolate to glue the sticks into the cake balls.

Next, I refrigerated the cake balls so that the lollipops and their chocolate glue could set.

Then I got to work a -dunking!

Alas, this is where difficulties started to occur. I realised I didn’t have enough chocolate. And cake pops started melting off their little sticks. It was sad.

Glittery cake pop! Failed cake pops 😦

I think I can identify where things went wrong

  1. the pops were too big and heavy
  2. I should have used more chocolate glue on the sticks?
  3. and then left them to cool in the fridge for much longer

Also, I probably shouldn’t have attempted all of the above on the hottest day of the year.

However even though I think I know what went wrong and how to fix it,  I still don’t think I’ll be making cake pops again anytime soon. They were very time consuming indeedy. And the results using store – bought cakes (or at least tesco ones) were not good enough. I think to get nicer cake pops, I would want to use either cake I had made myself, or much nicer store – bought cake, but that would make them even more expensive to make (as they were, they cost about £7 to make, which would have been more like 9-10 if I’d had the right quantity of chocolate). As Lee said…. “Cakes on sticks…its foolishness”

So will I ever try making cake pops again? I probably will in the future but I think for the time being, I’ll stick to good old fashioned normal baking – Starting with chocolate brownies and oreo cookies for this saturdays City WI fete!