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The best bits and bobs of the internet this week!*


  • Timeline – when women around the world got the right to vote



  • The lack of reporting by ANYONE but The Guardian on this whole NOTW are incredibly evil thing is very SUSPICIOUS


  • The top 50 advertisers in the news of the world and what they’re doing about dropping their advertising (tesco, morrisons say they will continue to advertise, Sainsburys and Argos will not)


  • How to make your very own dulce de leche (its surprisingly easy!). I’ve been looking for it in supermarkets for a while and there’s none to be found, so looks like I’ll have to make my own!



  • I’m loving Serious Eats – a fantastic food blog/community thats a must bookmark for all foodies!


  • Imagine how fantastic your house will smell while this peach cake is cooking. Enjoy with a mint julep on your porch (in the garden!) for southern summer cool!



  • A round up of the most mind boggling-ly awful ‘professional’ cakes of the week. ARGHH! Kill it with fire!










*according to Kerry