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I tried out my new cupcake icing nozzles for the first time and was very impressed with the results!

I used the cupcake recipe from the hummingbird bakery cookbook that I also used when I made the tiramisu cupcakes.

This time, I followed the recipe properly. The hummingbird method for making cupcakes is a little bit strange. Rather than cream the butter and sugar, you combine all the dry ingredients with the butter and whisk into a breadcrumb like mix with the electric whisk. Then you add the wet (whole milk and vanilla). Both times I’ve made cupcakes using this recipe, the cupcakes have been very moist. Obviously this is a good thing, but they’ve been kind of TOO MOIST! Kind of pudding-y and sticky and not really the cupcake I’m looking for. I think next time I’ll try a new recipe.

The breadcrumb mix

The resulting wet cupcake batter


I used a half cup measure to ensure I got even cupcakes


Cupcakes ready to go in the oven!

While the cupcakes were baking I got to work on making the frosting! Again the hummingbird bakery frosting recipe was little different than what I’m used to, using 500g of icing sugar with 80g of butter and 180ml of milk.

Frosting! I used a teatowel to cover the top of the bowl while I whisked the butter and icing sugar together (again to form breadcrumbs) before adding the milk and vanilla


The frosting was delicious – it was also a little too runny so I considered adding more icing sugar but it was already SO SWEET.

Next I got to work adding some colour to my frosting.

I used my new sugarflair paste colours to make frosting in bright yellow, bright pink and purple. The purple wasn’t as bright as I’d hoped – any ideas? Should I try adding in another colour?


The star nozzle I used to ice the cupcakes and my bright frosting! I was literally so excited that after years of faffing around with water based colours and getting baby blue, primrose yellow and salmon pink, I had BRIGHT BRIGHT frosting!

Finished cupcakes! The disposable icing bags from Lakeland were really handy as I only had to rinse out the nozzles when I was done. To ice the cupcakes, I just placed the nozzle in the middle of the cupcakes and swirled outwards and then upwards. The swirl effect wasn’t as pronounced as I would have liked though which is because the mix was a little runny.

Can anyone recommend a good alternative cupcake / frosting recipe? Whats your one foolproof recipe that you use every time?