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The last couple of weeks have been a downer, workout wise. I managed to mysteriously sprain (I think) my ankle and haven’t been able to run since. I’ve been patiently(ish) waiting for it to heal but now my patience has just about run out.

Sad puppy face!

I’m hoping to visit the doctors early next week and get to the bottom of the mystery ankle injury but in the meantime I’m try to stay positive and not let not being able to run get me down. So I’ve formulated the following plan…

  • Do the 10 minute toning arm exercises twice a day – If I can’t run, I can at least have buff arms!
  • Attempt to start doing the new fitness dvd I got – carb and calorie burner (basically just a high intensity exercise dvd broken up into 10 minute segments with some weights too – I think the carb-centric title is down to it coming out during the atkins phenomenon!)

And thats my plan! Seems like a good alternative to moping around convinced that I’m going to become a beached whale if I don’t do any running!

Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from doing the things you wanted to do? How did you deal with it?