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Here are the bits and bobs from the internet that are worth applying your eyeballs to this week!


  • Have the Hollywood stars lost their twinkle?
  • These triple chocolate and coconut cookies look fantastically amazing
  • Always makes history with a tiny red dot representing menstrual blood (rather than the mysterious clear blue liquid). As a woman I can confirm that this is an entirely accurate visual representation.
  • The Guardian considers corn – the one crop that fuels most junk food. Did you know that 30 of the 37 ingredients in a chicken mcnugget are derived from corn?
  • More interesting stuff about corn here! The farming subsidy system in the US is so crazy that american farmers actually increase corn production when corn prices are falling. Corn is also used to produce ‘green fuel’ even though it takes MORE energy to produce than it provides!
  • What your favourite dessert says about you?
  • Cute canine enjoys a delicious orange as a snack!
  • The stromboli look delicious
  • Fantastically interesting video about Rome by photographer Marco Delogu
  • Hilarious wedding cake disasters
  • Maru doing his thing