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Here’s something to brighten up a rather sodden Sunday – pictures of cake!

Domestic goddess chocolate brownies - made by me

I can’t believe I forgot to post this after the first Cake Eaters Anonymous event (back at the end of June)! I heard about the cake eaters anonymous group from a friend – a chance to eat cake and meet new  people – it sounded amazing! It was held in the always popular upstairs area in the Cape bar in Hockley.

Beautiful rose-swirl cupcakes - I need to learn how to do this!

I had a great time at the event – tea, cake and fellow cake fans – what more could you ask for?

Fabulous purple cupcakes - excuse the blurry picture!

I met some great people who were all incredibly passionate about baking – I learnt some great tips and tricks from them, and shared info on some new cake trends (including cake pops! I believe I said the words ‘They’re easy to make!’. Boy did I prove myself wrong!)

Liana's amazing brown velvet cake - so delicious!

At the event, everyone gets three cake tokens that they can exchange for a slice of cake/cupcake. It was very hard choosing just three as there were so many amazing cakes at the event.

I went for a slice of chocolate fridge cake made by Emma (delicious),  a slice of Liana’s brown velvet cake (yummy) and a peanut butter cupcake (amazing!). The only problem was, I started to get cake fatigue and couldn’t finish the brown velvet cake or peanut butter cupcake. Oh no! I will need to do some training before the next event to ensure I can eat more cake!

At the end of the night, you can donate some money to the charity that Cake Eaters Anonymous is raising money for that month (the charity changes from event to event) in return for as much leftover cake as you like!!

Here’s Emma’s haul – sadly I was too cake fatigued to take any more cake away with me 😦

If you’re interested in coming to future events – check out the Cake Eaters Anonymous facebook page here – entry to the event is free (but bringing along homemade cake – and the recipe! is mandatory).

I’m very sad that I can’t actually make it to the next event being held on July 28th but I am already contemplating cake choices for the august event and beyond!

Here are some of the recipes I’m thinking about making for future events!

What are you up to this stormy Sunday? I’m having an extremely lazy day of napping and reading about local history!