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I MEANT to paint my nails last night so I could show you my new red nails.

But then I forgot.

So instead, here is, literally – what I’m wearing today!


Blue peasant-y top from New Look (approx £8 I believe it was). Apologies for the terrible picture.

Primark black shorts (£6) and primark leggings (£3). I really like these shorts as they’re cute and comfy and I can wear them for work.

Ballet pumps from Matalan (£6 – god I love Matalan!)

Things that I am also wearing but I didn’t take a picture of –

I am also wearing a black Primark hoody for venturing outside – the weather is quite changeable here! It was £5 – I’ve had it for years – since the heady days of BEFORE we had a Primark in Nottingham! My hoody came from the Primark in Leicester!

And a grey pashmina – I believe it was from one of those pashmina stands in Nottingham town centre that were so popular back in the late noughties. I believe it was about £3.

So entire outfit = £31 and an alarming amount of Primark. Still, there have been many a day I’ve been sat in meetings at work and suddenly realised I’m wearing ALL Primark!


What are your favourite places to shop? Do you love Primark or do you steer clear of it altogether?