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I tell ya, these quesdillas are so easy to make, the hardest thing about them is figuring out how to spell quesadilla.





Or kay-sa-dee-a if you prefer!

Let me tell you about how delicious these babies are – they are basically an inside out pizza. Yep. Yum.


Here’s what you’ll need! Quesadillas are THE most endlessly customisable meal in the world. The combinations and flavours are pretty unlimited.

  • Tortillas (2 per person, go for small ones)
  • Cheese – I used cheddar but you can use whatever you fancy – or as the pioneer woman puts it, whatever makes your skirt fly up!
  • Some veggies or some meat/fishies
  • Some spices and seasonings

What I actually used was cheddar cheese and mozzerella cheese, mushrooms, red onions, courgettes, red peppers and yellow peppers. As you can see from the recipe (although it feels a little like cheating calling it that), as long as you have some cheese (keeps forever most people have some in their fridge) and some tortillas (you should have some around as they KEEP FOREVER) and some other stuff too, you can make quesadillas! Got some sad looking spinach? Make quesadillas! Leftover roast chicken? Quesadillas! Veggies in the fridge seen better days? QUESADILLAS!

Here’s how you make them!

Cook your veggies on a high heat so that they brown on the outside but retain a bit of crunch – similar to if you were making fajitas.

Grate up some cheese – you’ll need at least 75g per quesadilla (although it depends on the size of the tortillas, mine were HUGE).

In a large pan, turn on the heat and melt some butter before dropping your first tortilla into the pan.You need about a tablespoon to stop the quesadilla from sticking (and so it tastes delicious). If you don’t like butter you could try those non stick sprays they have now.

Add a layer of sprinkly cheese and veggies, then add more cheese on top.

The cheese is the glue.

Then add the second tortilla on top and press down with the spatula. This is where things can get a little hairy. As soon as is humanely feasible, flip the quesadilla over. My quesadilla was massive and a little difficult to flip but a spatula and an oven glove is normally enough to complete the operation successfully!

Presenting – the finished quesadilla in all its glory! Just 15 minutes later, you have a yummy dinner thats fairly healthy (full of veggies) and easy and quick to prepare!

Have you ever tried quesadillas? The pioneer woman has some great ideas for variations – including spinach and mushroom and spicy shrimp quesadillas.