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In the green corner we have L’OREAL EXCELL 10

In the…. other corner, we have CLAIROL PERFECT 10

Which one is better? FIGHT!!!

Sadly, boxes of hair dye can’t fight so I’ll have to review them for you!

I am not someone who is willing to spend more than ten minutes letting hair dye work its magic – hence why I’m only reviewing the ten minute hair dyes. I’m not sure why you would use anything else.

Before we get to the review, let me share my PRO’S TIP with you. See, I dye my hair A LOT (it will probably fall out any day now) due to pesky grey hairs. So I mainly touch up my roots, using….

this!Aka a small paintbrush from wilkos that I bought especially for applying hair dye. Works a treat!

Onto the review!

Clairol Perfect 10 -Pros

  • Its got the better name, clearly. And I suspect that they thought of the whole concept first and L’oreal copied them.
  • It has a far superior conditioner, both in terms of the actual conditioner, and the container its in


  • Smells pretty bad

L’Oreal Excell 10 -Pros

  • Excellent comb tooth applicator that makes the dye really easy to apply (though I suspect they just copied Clairol)
  • Prettier box design. What can I say, I’m a shallow consumer


  • The rectangular plastic thing they put the conditioner in is ridiculous and impossible to get most of the conditioner out of
  • The brown hair dye looks kind of red (on me?) which freaked me out into thinking it was dyeing my hair red. It turned out brown in the end. But still. Not a time to trick a girl!

Overall my preferred hair dye is the perfect 10 by Clairol – it suits me better and the L’Oreal version loses a million points for having its conditioner in a tiny, frustratingly inpenetratable bottle.

Unfortunately neither of them cover greys for long… Has anyone found better grey coverage with dyes that take longer to apply?