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Sale shopping – its great! Well, no actually, its horrible.

I despise going into shops and spending hours working through a mess of a sale rail in search of a bargain. I’m just not that person. If a great deal is apparent to me then I’ll all for it but to part with lots of my time is just not worth it for me.

In fact, I’m not really your sterotypical lady in that I don’t particularly like shopping. The idea of going to shop after shop, trying on things over and over fills me with dread.

So my main shopping strategies are

  • Quick hits on shops like New Look, Primark etc. Get in, get out
  • Online shopping – I don’t actually shop a lot online but I have recently with people like New Look, ASOS and Dorothy Perkins. I only shop when I can get free delivery and usually some other discount too

This is what I bought this week from Dorothy Perkins

Dark wash skinny jeans

Green and white jersey dress

Blue top

Blue shorts

Super mario! (well kinda) socks

Apart from the socks, I don’t know whether I’ll keep any of the other items. I’ll try them on and I expect to send back at least a couple of the items. I’m hoping the dress and the jeans are keepers, but we’ll see. Dorothy Perkins, like most other shops do free returns so it doesn’t cost you anything.

The order cost me £76 with free delivery

Including 15% discount from liking Dorothy Perkins on Facebook

And I will also get about £1.60 worth of Advantage Card points as I clicked through Treat Street (the part of boots I work at!) to place my order.

What have you been buying in the sales this year? Have you found any amazing bargains? Would you ever shop with an online retailer who wasn’t offering free delivery/returns?