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In honour of Marty and Milo’s first birthday coming up on August 13th (no really you shouldn’t get them a gift. Well, if you must – cough, hint, cough – they love tuna), here’s some cute pictures and a rundown of their nicknames and their adorable adorable foibles.

By the way, is it cruel to put birthday hats on cats?

Yeah no I didn’t think so.

Name : Marty McFly Edwards-Kelsall

Nicknames : Marty-pie, the pie man, pie, moon-face, my pie!, McFly, the fat faced kid

Likes :Treats, cheek stroking, being fussed, exploring the roof, meeting new humans

Dislikes : being snuggled for too long (put up with it when he was a baby but now he has the strength to push you away 😦 )

I'm in ur catmas tree, unrapping ur presents!

Name : Milo Edwards-Kelsall

Nicknames : Milo-san, crazy, boy, the other guy,

Likes : belly stroking, chasing other cats, cleaning the humans, treats, hanging out on the roof

Dislikes : new people – you have to work to earn Milo’s trust