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If you’re reading my blog and you’re not English (oooh international readers, how exciting!!) a pub crawl is an English…. tradition whereby revellers go to pub (thats a bar to non-English people!) after pub and enjoy drink after drink, generally carrying on for as long as they can stand.

That doesn’t really sound like my kind of thing though.

But as you know, cupcakes are my kind of thing!….

Yay cupcakes!

Well now my friend Emma has invented a Cupcake Crawl! FYI that term is totally trademarked. Here’s the official logo – !

And here’s our plan of the cupcake bakeries to visit ! While putting together the list of cupcakeries to visit, I used this article by Kelly of An American Cupcake in London who did a guest post on Cupcakes take the Cake! We also took into consideration where the bakeries are and tried to plan to hit up ones that are close to each other – these are all in or around the Covent Garden area (ish) –

  • Hummingbird Bakery – I’ve never had a hummingbird cupcake (although I have both their cookbooks) and we just have to go here. Hopefully I’ll try a few of their different cupcakes! Top of my list are the classic vanilla and tiramisu cupcakes.
  • Ella’s Bakehouse – This bakery is owned by Lorraine Pascal, the model turned chef who I’d never heard of until her recent TV show (which I wasn’t that much of a fan of). The reviews for this place and their cakes are amazing though so I’m very excited to go!
  • Ottolenghi – Not strictly just a cupcake bakery, Ottolenghi do pastries and savoury food too, but I’ve heard so much good stuff about this place that we have to try it!
  • Bea’s of Bloomsbury – Not one I’d heard of before we started planning this trip but again the reviews are great!

Get in my belly!

Hopefully we will get to go to more cupcakeries but those are the main priorities. After the trip next saturday I’ll be posting pictures and reviews of each bakery for you guys.

First, I have a favour to ask – pretty please tell me if there are any other amazing London cupcakeries that I just *have* to visit!! Let me know in the comments!