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Last week I went with my workmates for a lovely dinner at Carluccio’s in Nottingham and wanted to tell you guys all about it!

Yes I’m afraid this is going to be yet another review where I say that something is FANTASTIC! I really should review some awful things just so you can see that I don’t always think things are great. For example, Peyton and Byrne. But I don’t want to choose things that I KNOW are bad if you see what I mean…


All the Carluccio’s restaurants (of which there are about 45 – lots of which are in London, but now there are also branches in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and even a few across the middle east!) are decorated in a lovely light and airy, very casual style. Its a very informal feeling place to eat, almost like a giant cafeteria, which I personally love.

You can check out the Carluccio’s menu here – I went with the Menu Fisso (fixed price menu) both because it had the chicken dish that I love, and because I’m cheap. The fixed price menu is £9.50 for 2 courses or £12.50 for three – awesome value!

Sadly I was far too busy eating and talking to remember to snap any pictures of my food, so I grabbed some pictures of Carluccio meals from the tinterwebs.

I had chargrilled garlic bread for my starter which I had mistook for their amazing foccacia bread. If I went back (and had the fixed price menu again) I would go for the bruschetta which seemed nicer. For my main course, I had milanese di pollo which is a flattened chick fillet covered in the most amazingly crunchy panko breadcrumbs and fried (picture above). You also get a side salad with the dish, and I ordered some rosemary potatoes to go with it too, which were absolutely delicious but it must be said, had no hint of rosemary at all!

Carluccio’s do lots of other great pasta and meat dishes but I am a creature of habit and I LOVE the milanese di pollo – if you go, make sure you try it!

I couldn’t resist dessert given that a tiramisu (my fave) would cost just £2 in the fixed price menu.

Here’s what it looked like –

It was really lovely – classic tiramisu just like Carluccio’s nonna presumably used to make where all the flavours had time to gel and come together – perfect!

Overall, I MUCH preferred Carluccio’s to the much more expensive Jamie’s Italian which I visited earlier in the year, both in terms of the food (and the price of the food!) and the atmosphere/style of the restaurant itself.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what my meal cost –

  • Fixed price menu (3 courses) – £12.50
  • Lemonade – £2 (I don’t drink wine)
  • Rosemary potatoes – £3
  • Total £20 including tip

So in summary, I thought Carluccio’s was great value and a really nice place to eat and would certainly recommend it! They also have a take-away deli where you can get their homemade breads, ready meals and lots more stuff.

Has anyone else tried the new Carluccio’s in Nottingham – what did you think?