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I feel a little bit of a phoney doing on a post on how to get a 1950s makeup look (or any makeup look for that matter!). After all, there are so many great bloggers out there doing fab tutorials on youtube and their blogs and I wouldn’t say I know THAT much about makeup – not like my friend Kate who is a makeup artist runs her own blog over here.

What I do think I bring to the table (hey Lee!) is the perspective of someone who’s not an expert -just someone with a basic level of skill – who can hopefully show you how you can achieve the same look even if you don’t have a lot of time or expert knowledge.

Okay so onto the look! This is my perfect look for both day and night-time. Some people may think that winged eyeliner is a little too much for the day, but every time I do my makeup for work, I can’t resist putting it on. It just gives a hint of glamour to an otherwise boring working day! To take the look from day to night, you could just wear lip balm or gloss during the day and then add bright red lipstick in the evening.

First up, here I am with no makeup on – eek lets slap some slap on quick!!

First thing – base. I don’t use a primer so the first thing I apply is Max Factor Experience foundation in fresh ivory. It gives great, sheer coverage and I use it in conjunction with some concealer too on any spots or dark circles (I use boi-ing by Benefit, which is below)

Next up, I use a brown eyeshadow to fill in any gaps in my eyebrows and make them look a little more defined and prominent. I find it amazing that I didn’t do this for years since it makes me look so much better.

As you can see, I use a chanel brown eyeshadow from a discontinued quad eyeshadow, but you can use any eyeshadow/eyeliner that suits your eyebrow colour. A lot of people think that its better to use a special brow shader pencil, but I find that normal eyeshadow works best for me.

Here I am with eyebrows filled in – muuuuccch better!

Next, add blusher! I use a sparkly shimmery rose pink blush from Chanel, but you can really easily find great blushers from cheaper brands. Bourjois especially do great ones.

Next, curl your eyelashes for that wide-eyed pin up look! But before you apply any mascara, we need to do the eyeliner first!

This is the eyeliner that I like by Collection 2000- its £2.99, it lasts a long time and it does the job!

First, steady your eyeliner – applying hand on a steady surface if possible. Next, apply a thin layer of eyeliner almost between your eyelashes as if you’re joining up the dots.

Next, go over that first line of eyeliner using thicker, broader strokes. This can be difficult to get right but its easy to hide your mistakes under another line of eyeliner! Just keep practicising until you get it right. I find it helps to use your other hand to stretch out your eyelid (as it were!). And I often go over the winged tip several times so don’t panic if you don’t get it right the first time, just get a cotton bud, clean it up and try again.

Next up, apply mascara – I use bourjois volume glamour which is fab.

At this point, take a moment to admire your handiwork and your pretty pretty eyes. Aw.

The final finishing touch for my easy 1950s look is a slick of red lipstick. I use Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in crystal red.

This lipstick is a moist, glossy red that is easy to apply almost like a gloss (like a gloss though it will have less staying power than a more matte lipstick). I find it much easier to apply though.

Apply and don’t forget to blot with a tissue! To complete my 1950s (meets 2010s) look, I paired with a polka dot top, skinny jeans and trainers! Next I just need to find someone to show me how to do a good victory roll!

Do you like experimenting with vintage  & retro makeup and hair looks? Do you have any pro makeup shortcuts or tips?