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Last weekend, I went on a scavenger hunt around Nottingham City Centre (a fun activity which had been organised by the Hickling WI). It was great to learn about some of the finer details of Nottingham’s architecture that you don’t usually appreciate while you’re busy rushing from place to place.

As part of the walk, we also got a two-course meal at Encounters restaurant on Mansfield Road. I’ve walked past this place literally hundreds if not thousands of times since I moved to Nottingham in 2003, and often wondered about it, so I was excited to get a chance to go inside and try their food!

The fixed lunch menu had 4 choices for the main course -including lamb with a redcurrent sauce, chicken with mustard sauce, salmon with hollandaise (I can’t remember the fourth one!). I went for the chicken and although there were no vegetarian options on the menu, the staff were happy to whip up a vegetarian alternative for Emma.

As well as our meals, we were delivered a platter of vegetables and cauliflower cheese and a very generous basket of lovely homemade rolls too. The bread rolls included plain and varieties like olive rolls (which weren’t my favourite) and red onion rolls (which were amazing!) and it was lovely to have homemade bread in a restaurant when so many places bring out slightly lacklustre shop-bought bread.

The chicken in mustard sauce was very nice, and my other dining companions enjoyed their choices too! I wouldn’t say it completely blew my mind but was nice and so were the vegetables we got with it.

For dessert, I enjoyed a slice of lemon cake with a large pot of tea (the tea cost £1.50). I was a little worried when I saw the large glass case containing all the desserts – to me those things always scream ‘we aren’t fresh and have been sitting here for 3 weeks!’. But contrary to my expectations, the lemon cake was nice, sweet and zesty. Certainly not as nice as a freshly made cake but good nonetheless.

Overall, Encounters is great value for money especially on its value pre-theatre and lunch options. You can check out Encounters website here, but for details of special