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Today I’m reviewing two products just to make things super cool round here. First the Galaxy Chocolate Muffin (my life is so hard!)

I NEEDED this muffin one hard hard friday afternoon at work a couple of weeks ago when the consumption of 2 (2!) whole cocktails the night before left me feeling a little bit rough. I don’t normally drink (for quite long periods) so when I do I can only get away with drinking a little bit!

As you know from all my angry ramblings on the subject, I regard most shop-bought cakes with a kind of horror but there are definitely times when you need cake NOW.

The Galaxy muffin costs 95p in my local boots and contains 381 calories. Obviously thats quite a lot of calories, but when you need cake, you need cake.

Thank goodness there’s no calorie count on my homemade cakes (I know I could figure it out if I wanted. I prefer not to!)

Anyway to actually TELL YOU about the galaxy muffin – t’were delicious! The cake was soft and moist and cakey and chocolatey. Inside the cake (I was not expecting this) was little pockets of ‘chocolate cream’ that was very tasty indeed. And the cake was covered in a layer of galaxy chocolate which provides a lovely crunchy chocolate contrast to the soft cake.

The muffin could have been better (some colourful sprinkles would have livened it up a bit) but overall, it was lovely and much better than I was expecting. Hurrah!

I give the Galaxy muffin 8 out of 10!

Next, I also tried the new(ish) Eat Natural toasted muesli with nuts & seeds. I love eat natural bars and eat them more than I should, especially as I once found A STONE in one.

True story.

Their new muesli is just as nice as you expect given that its from Eat Natural. Its already toasted which gives it a lovely crunchy texture and makes the nuts extra fantastic (you should pretty much always toast nuts before you do anything with them). It tastes lovely with a splash of cold milk and some yeo valley natural yoghurt and blueberries.

The muesli also has completely all natural ingredients which is great if you prefer to eat stuff thats the same as something you would make from scratch (just already done for you!)

The thing that I was a bit less keen on is how sweet the muesli is – it really is very sugary. However I’ve checked out the ingredients and its ‘only’ 15% sugar (mainly natural honey) which isn’t actually as bad as many breakfast cereals and other muesli’s. But if you don’t like overly sweet tasting stuff then this definitely won’t be for you!

Another downside is the price – its about £3-£3.50 a box and you only get 500g which is way too much for me to buy it regularly (I snaffled some at my parents house!). Per serving with milk only, its about 312 calories which is fine for breakfast.

I give the Eat Natural muesli 6.5 out of 10!

Have you tried either of the products – what did you think?