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This meal is super duper easy, healthy and pretty cheap too!

Here’s what you’ll need – (hopefully you’ll already have rice, chickpeas and tinned tomatoes plus the spices in your kitchen cupboard)

First, get your rice on the go as this normally takes about 15-20 minutes. Then chop up your veggies and start frying your onion with some olive or vegetable oil and some garlic puree. At this point your kitchen will start to smell delightful.

Add the other veggies and saute them around the place, adding the chickpeas once the veggies are cooked through. I charred the chickpeas in the pan for a minute before adding the tomato sauce, vegetable stock and the spices.

Let the mixture cook down for a few minutes until the sauce is thickened and then serve it up baby!

I served with lime wedges, corinder and a naan bread (I keep in my freezer since I eat curry sporadically so this way I can always have them around!)