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The Great British Bake Off Scone Palace Scotland

Image by Tour Scotland Photographs via Flickr

What did you think of The Great British Bake Off last night? I really enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favourite as I’m not really pastry’s number one fan (thats not to say I wouldn’t eat a slice of homemade tarte au citron if it were offered but its just not my favourite thing). I was quite surprised that ‘the handsome one’ stayed in despite his pastry disaster, but at the same time I’m sure cooking under those conditions is incredibly stressful and even the best of us would probably mess up our most tried and tested recipe!

I am very excited about next weeks episode though – I love bread! Especially foccacia bread – in fact I’ve been meaning to make some for a while, so I think I’ll make some using the same recipe the contestants use and see how it turns out.

Fun bake off fact – Mary Berry is 76 years old – I hope I look that good in 50 years time!

Some Bake-off links for you!

The recipes from the series so far! They also have some great videos on how to ice cupcakes too!

The Great British Bake-off recipe book (which I’m hearing great things about) – is just £10 on amazon.

Maison cupcake did a great post on the contestants for this year so now you can follow them on twitter and read their blogs!

Holly’s blog Recipes from a normal mum

Edd’s (last years winner) blog The Boy who Bakes. He also has a cookbook coming out in a couple of weeks

Ruth’s (last years runner up) blog The Pink Whisk – I’ve been reading this for a while – its a great blog