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An important question, I’m sure you’ll agree, that requires careful consideration! I’m just so indecisive – what do you guys think?!


Apparently in scotland, having a front door painted red may mean that you’ve paid off your mortgage. Sadly I don’t even HAVE a mortgage to pay off yet, but I still think red would be a lovely colour. Very traditional and would look especially nice in winter with a christmas wreath hung from it.


I think navy blue looks great – very smart and modern but traditional too


Pretty classic and traditional


So cheerful and happy!


Yum – cadburys purple!! I think the bright purple looks great and there’s also the aubergine which is a little more toned down. The disadvantage of going for these bright colours is that its harder to find exterior wood paint in that colour, so if anyone knows of anywhere with a good selection, let me know!


Quite out there but really pretty – and our next door neighbour actually has their door painted a light, pretty blue also.

One day

I will own a house and I’ll buy a front door like one of these (the red and the purple ones are my favourites). Amazing! A door like this would make me happy every single time I went into or left the house.

What colour is your front door painted? What colour do you think I should choose?! Let me know in the comments!