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Lately my life has been delightfully full of cake.

I mean, really, there. has. been. so. much. cake. Summer 2011 will be remembered by me as the summer of guacamole, veggie burgers and cake!

I even managed to consume cake (and ice cream, and brownies) while doing the walk for Macmillan this week which is real dedication, if you think about it.

But now the time has come to step away from the sugary stuff and clean up my act for a little bit. I’m setting a goal that from now until the next Cake Eaters Anonymous on September 25th (I’ve already decided what I’m making!), no cake will pass my lips. Or biscuits or chocolate either.


Because as much as I love it, sugar is (unfortunately) addictive and not at all good for you and I could definitely do with cutting back! I certainly feel the effects when I eat a lot of ‘bad’ foods so I’m going to be focusing on eating more fresh produce and getting off the cake bandwagon.

Are there certain foods that you find to be addictive – how do you deal with them? Do you try to steer clear of certain foods or do you think everything is fine in moderation?