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I love Eat Natural bars. They’re the perfect mid-afternoon hunger banisher. I do have a niggling doubt at the back of my mind however that although they’re natural, they aren’t necessarily that healthy, with quite a bit of sugar in each bar (40%).

These homemade versions are not only a lot cheaper, but they also aren’t so overwhelmingly sweet, so you feel like you’re eating something that really is healthy!

All you need is a bag of muesli (or make up your own) with chopped nuts, or whatever it is you like, plus some condensed milk. I like nuts, oats and coconut but tend to go easy on the dried fruit and pick out all of the bastard banana chips. Even though this is a healthy snack, you could also throw in a few chocolate chips if you’re feeling naughty!

Now clearly condensed milk isn’t particularly healthy, but you can make so many oat and nut bars using this recipe that it all balances out.

Just add the muesli mix to the condensed milk and mix it up in the bowl. Now I didn’t strictly measure out the muesli, I just put it into the 9×9 inch square pan I was using to check that it was the right amount. I used about two thirds of a tin of condensed milk. Its a lot like making chocolate rice crispie cakes – you just know whether you need more chocolate, more rice crispies or if its just right.

Next, flatten it into your baking tray (I didn’t grease the pan which was foolish) –  next time I’d use parchment paper to line the tin. Then cook it at 160 degrees for around 40 minutes until its golden brown and yummy. Let it cool down completely and cut into bars or squares.