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I’m very excited INDEED! that I’m now within reach (almost) of 10000 visits/views to my blog! I can’t believe that in the 6 or so months since I started the blog, how many lovely people I’ve met through it, and what a fantastic time I’ve had writing it.

I love it and I don’t even care if 10000 views is actually quite rubbish, I’m over the moon!!

Here’s how you can help me get there! (and win a little something for yourself)

-share my post on twitter/facebook/reddit/stumbleupon/email etc using the sharing links at the bottom of the page

-link to my blog on your blog

-other?! If you can think of another creative way to get the word out about my blog, let me know!

Let me know in the comments where you shared it and I’ll enter you into a very exclusive draw to win……. a fantabulous prize!!!!! I’ll post pictures of the prize in the next couple of days but I can promise that it will be fantabulously amazing and contain many lovely beauty products, and some cooking related stuff!

*UPDATE* – I forgot to say that the giveaway is once again open to everyone, no matter where you are in the world!