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I have a great fondness for (veggie) burgers and chips, but since I don’t particularly want to balloon to the size of a house, I try to ‘healthify’ burgers and chips a bit. So instead of a normal burger, I make a from-scratch veggie burger with cheddar cheese and guacamole, and instead of chips, I make tortilla chips – which are actually delicious and only 160 calories for one tortilla (which gives you enough chips for one person).

Sweet potato fries are another good alternative to chips if you’re eating healthily!

I decided to make this mexican-ified version of my veggie burgers after I was inspired by my friend Trista’s new venture Californio which sells amazing mexican food at food markets around Nottingham.

All I did was make my usual veggie burgers but I added in some spices. I added some

  • chilli flakes
  • more cumin

If you had any chilli powder or sweet paprika those would be great too. I need to update my spice collection!

Roughly chop and saute the veggies

Mix with some crushed beans (I used butter beans but black beans would be especially mexican!)

Form into a patty and fry in a hot pan

I served my veggie burger with cheddar cheese and guacamole, with more guacamole for dipping my chips in! This is a fantastically tasting and filling meal, filled with good fats and veggies. Try it out sometime!