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Warning – biscuits spoilers ahead (Emma!)!

Oooh lovely, biscuits! Or biscuit-geddon as Mel and Sue put it but I don’t personally believe that biscuits could ever be associated with anything bad!

Most of the biscuits looked amazing – I’d especially liked to have been there to try the marzipan biscuits – that sounds like a delicious and unusual combination!

The macaroons especially looked really good and it made me want to have a go at making them myself. Holly from the show recently posted this step by step tutorial on how to make them.

I’m quite glad that Ben went home this week – he seemed a bit overly cocky and hostile to feedback, although I do think other people have done far worse in previous weeks and stuck around!

If you’re feeling inspired by all the biscuit baking going on, check out my recipe for oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies – they’re extremely easy to make at home – and they’re SO DELICIOUS!

You can also see more of the biscuit recipes that the contenstants made during this episode here.

Getting nearer to the end of the bake off now! What do you guys think – who’s your favourite so far? Do you think Holly will ever make a misstep? Who do you think will win?