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I’ve written here before about my quest to find a cheap but tasty tomato pasta sauce that doesn’t cost the earth. With that in mind I picked up this new Tesco chunky vegetable pasta sauce, although I was a little wary as I’ve had some AWFUL tesco and asda own brand pasta sauce in the past (the waitrose one is very nice!). Does anyone else think that supermarkets sometimes make their own brand/value products awful on purpose so you make a more premium product?

I used this sauce to make my veggie spaghetti and I liked it. Its a rich thick sauce, with lots of tomato chunks (it doesn’t have other chopped veggies in it though like some other sauces).

The one bad thing about this sauce is that its very sweet, but thats easy to fix as you can add some anchovies or herbs to counteract that. Given that the sauce is only 90p a jar its definitely a good back-up options for when my favourite brands Bertolli and de Cecco are not on offer.

Let me in on your frugal moneysaving secrets – what own-brand or value supermarket products do you love – and what ones should I avoid at all costs?!