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I’m not overly keen on pies (and I’m especially not keen on pork pies!) I have to admit, so Iwasn’t SUPER excited about the pie episode of the bake-off. I did perk up a bit when I saw a lime-green grasshopper pie though!

This week, Holly did amazing, the brunette dippy one made some silly errors and the blond gravelly voiced grandma went on about how normal she is and how she does family cooking, none of this fancy schmancy cooking.

So pretty much exactly like every other week!

Oh, and Jason can’t boil an egg. Am I alone in thinking that they shouldn’t be on the bake-off if they can’t boil a bloody egg?!

Onto sweet pies! Things got very hot in the kitchen and some of the bakers had a lot of trouble prising their pastry from the pie tins. Mary-Ann did a cool standing up rhubarb thingy and Rob had trouble with his timings yet again!

In the end, Mary-Ann was a deserved star baker and Jason and Rob went home (“It’s a GUTTER!” – bless Sue!).

Next week – an all lady quarter final………. YAY!

What did you think of Jason and Rob going home? Who do you think will win? I still think only a snowballs chance in hell anyone but Holly is going to win, but we’ll see!

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own pies, take a look at all the recipes from last nights bake-off here!