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Picture borrowed from Jim

I love cadburys. Galaxy just doesn’t really compare does it? I can count on one hand the galaxy versions of chocolate bars that are better than their cadbury counterparts (caramel, and uh, thats it). Since Kraft took over Cadbury last year, the NPD coming out of Bournville (or the US as it probably now is!) has been impressive, Halloween Dead Heads, Snack balls, Twirl bites and more! I really like the original flake so I decided to review this latest edition to the flake family and share it with you guys!

First of all, the flake allure is limited edition which means it will only be available for a little while longer (in theory). So grab one now!

The wrapper describes this bar as ‘enrobed in smooth truffle and coated in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate’. On opening the wrapper, you’re presented with a chunkier than usual flake with a chocolate coating wrapped around roughly half of it, like the bottom half has been dipped in thick dairy milk chocolate.

For whatever reason, Cadburys described it as having ‘smooth truffle’ which just isn’t the case – there’s no truffle here! But I don’t really have a problem with that as I think its absolutely delicious as it is.

Some more details for you-

Price – 68p (in Boots, may be cheaper elsewhere! The RRP is 60p)

Calories – 170

The Verdict – A lot of other reviewers have disliked the new flake but I thought it was delicious! And I was impressed at how chocolatey and yummy it was for just 170 calories – it definitely would fill more of a chocolate craving than the original flake.

Ooooh. These ‘Cadbury’ choc chip cookies made me really angry. Its crystal clear that they’ve never been within a mile of any Cadbury’s chocolate in their life. I broke them open during the Great British Bake-Off to fill the inevitable Bake-Off craving for sweet stuff, and I’ve never been so disappointed!

The biscuits inside the box look ABSOLUTELY nothing like the ones on the picture, and they also tasted of nothingness. Just nothing. The ‘chocolate’ chips may as well have been mouse droppings for all the flavour they imparted to the biscuits. You know how when you’ve got a bad chocolate/biscuit craving, you’ll lower your standards to things you wouldn’t normally eat (I’ve been known to eat custard creams out of desperation) – well, I ate one of these and then threw the box across the room in anger.

The main problem with them (I assume) is that they aren’t made by Cadbury, they’re made under licence by Burton Foods who also makes Cadbury digestives (also terrible) and Cadbury fingers (yay they got one right!). I also once tried a Cadbury dairy milk choc chunk cookie they produced (similar to the yummy foxes chunky chocolate chip cookies) which were also absolutely DIRE with no flavour of Dairy Milk chocolate at all. How anyone at Cadbury could put the Cadbury name on something this bad, I have no idea.

Price – 60p in Home & Bargains

Calories – not sure

The Verdict – Don’t touch with a barge pole!

Have you spotted any interesting new chocolate bars lately? Do you prefer Cadburys or Galaxy?