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I haven’t eaten red meat since about……… 1996… I think. By red meat I mean cows, pigs and sheeps. I do eat chickens and fishes.

Four legs bad, two legs good.

The reason why I don’t eat the cows, pigs and the sheeps is because I never felt ethically comfortable eating them. Cows are gentle and friendly, pigs are as intelligent as a toddler and lambs are just unbelievably cute.

I still eat chicken and fish, though less and less frequently. Most weeks I probably eat no meat at all. In the last few years, I’ve made the switch from buying the cheapest chicken in the supermarket to having my eyes opened about the living conditions of the chickadees, and moving to only buying free range chicken – which is pretty expensive. Budget-wise, its far far cheaper to stick mainly to veggies and grains and I eat plenty of yoghurt and cheese too (I also eat eggs – mainly in the guise of cake! – and only buy Happy Eggs). I never feel like I’m missing out – I guess I’m just used to a mainly plant based diet.

I don’t have an issue with other people eating meat, and I cook meat for Lee and other people sometimes (he went through a pretty intense period of eating A LOT of burgers lately). I’m also pretty relaxed (I’ve made up a crazy Kerry eating system so why stop now!) about the minutiae of not eating red meat – I tried for years to find vegetarian marshmallows and eventually relented and now eat normal marshmallows, a few months ago I accidentally ate some chorizo but hey ho, worse things happen at sea.

Despite my relaxed attitude towards other people eating meat, I do think there are compelling reasons to cut out, or at least cut down your meat consumption. Humankind need to eat considerably less meat in order to combat global warming (among other things). There is no doubt that eating less meat is better for your health and better for the planet.

What do you think? Do you eat meat? Where do you draw the line in terms of what you feel comfortable eating – beef, veal, suckling pig?