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Oooh it was all getting a bit fraught in the bake off last night!! With the contestants dwindling down to the final ‘famous five’, tensions were running high.

First up, the contestants made cheesecakes which all looked delish. I especially liked the sound of Yasmin’s amaretti cheesecake and Jo’s rum and raisin also looked fabulous! Janet made enough rhubarb and ginger cheesecake to feed a family of 20 which Sue likened to ‘angels skipping across your tongue’ which was hilarious. Sue was on top form with the funny comments this episode!

After the cheesecakes came chocolate roulade… I think I made a roulade once in school but I never really saw the point in them as I’m not a big fan of cream. Plus its just all a bit retro and home economics-y to me!

Most of the contestants roulades turned out fine, except for Janet who’d inexplicably decided to roll hers up twice (what?! Why?!) and Jo had another fantastic bake with her roulade which came top.

Next the contestants had to make a croqembouche which I’ve never heard of in my life – its a tower of profiteroles somehow…….glued together with caramel. Unlike a cheesecake or roulade, the idea of making this crazy contraption is absolutely terrifying to me so I do feel slightly in awe of the contestants for approaching it so calmly.

Holly made a chocolate cherry croqembouche with an adorable gingerbread house in the middle. That woman really is an overachiever! It didn’t taste too good according to Paul and Mary but it looked fantastic. Yasmin’s was also a failure with burnt sugar and burnt choux buns and the two of them found themselves in the bottom two with Paul and Mary debating who should go home.

The answer was pretty obvious – Holly’s baking has been amazingly perfect almost all of the way through the show whereas Yasmin has never really excelled compared to some of the others. So Yasmin went home. Holly’s reaction – she seemed genuinely convinced that she was going home and then very guilty that she’d gone through – convinced me that she’s not at all arrogant or full of herself despite being the most amazing baker EVER.

What did you think of last nights episode? Who do you think will win?!