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Yay cake club! I had a blast at tonights cake eaters anonymous! This month’s event was held at the Larder on Goosegate in Hockley (an amazing restaurant – take a look at their menu here). Its a lovely grade 2 listed building that was once the very first ever Boots store! Did you know that Boots was the first store that was glass fronted? Strange to think, but shops once looked almost like regular houses with small modest signs in the window. Jesse Boot changed all that and created the first modern shop.

Anyway, enough of history! Let’s talk about cakes! The cake I made for the event was an Oreo and bournon biscuit crust new york vanilla cheesecake. I wasn’t very happy with how it turned out though so I don’t think I’ll post the recipe on here – cheesecakes are hard!

Here’s what it looked like anyway! And here are some of the other amazing cakes….

Excuse the blurry picture - but best cake EVER! This is a plantpot cake (with gummy worms at the bottom) and it was AWESOME! It won the prize for best cake!

Cake club founders getting interviewed by the lady from East Midlands News. She was very stylish and very very slim! But I did spy her eating some cake!

My cake selection – lemon crunch cake (absolutely delish) gingerbread with lemon icing, and malteaser cupcake. Sadly my eyes were bigger than my belly and I only managed to eat the lemon cake!

Holly – aka the writer of Foodle with her cake selection – she LOVED the cheese muffin!

Me with my cakes – CRAZY eyes!

More cake action – the place was absolutely full of cake lovers – it was fantastic!

Best of all, the evening raised lots of money for charity!

Whats your favourite type of cake?