I’m going for a natural look on my nails this week (frustrated by applying colour polishes that chip so quickly!), but I’m pretty useless at doing manicure so I applied some sheer White-beige polish to make things look better! It’s royal Rose by 17 (fast finish) – what do you think?

Makeup wise, it’s pretty 1950s with flushed lips and winged eyeliner. Maybe I should branch out to a new look soon!

I’m wearing the blue shirt that I recently got from h&m with my magic primark dress.

I know primark can be very hit and miss in terms of quality but this dress is amazing. I’ve had it about 3 years and it still looks great – plus it only cost £10 to begin with!

My hair is in a lazy girls bun! It was so crazily curly this morning, it looked kinda cool but not really good for work!

And this is why the primark dress is magic – the way it’s built around the waist makes you look amazing – it cam conceal even the biggest lunch! Now that’s real magic.

What are you wearing today?