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Okay – picture the scene – me stood in Sainsburys literally jumping up and down with excitement due to BAKING PRODUCTS. Yes, this is my life people.

And I love it!

Anyway, I decided to share my finds with you guys, so instead of doing a normal product review for you this week, I thought I’d compare the baking ranges of the two supermarkets and share with you the exciting new products that I found!

First up, sprinkles, decorations and frosting in Sainsburys. The range is so much bigger than the last time I noticed, with lots of new products by Silver Spoon and Dr Oetker. You can now buy fondant roses and flowers ready made too!

Silver spoon have also started selling coloured candy melts. Exciting!!

Hmm cupcake icing… in a can? Not sure this is a good thing. Shimmer spray in gold and silver for under £3 though – exciting!

Sainsburys has a good vanilla section with extract, vanilla bean pasta (!!!) and vanilla beans.

Some new Betty Crocker cake mixes – for Whoopie Pies (they’ve reached the mainstream!) and lemon cupcakes. Cute!

Cake in a mug…. in a box. Really?

Butterscotch chips, fudge chips and honeycomb chips. EXCITING!!

Chocolate blog chocolate chips! I guess these are the chocolate chips I should be buying?

Very very very exciting Halloween and Christmas section! With reasonablly priced decorations and accessories.

Here’s what I bought at Sainsburys!

OO cake flour – I’m very interested to see if using this makes a difference to my cakes. I’ve never seen it in any other supermarket so was excited to find it in Sainsburys for £1.42! I’ll keep you guys updated on the results

The cutttteeeeeeeeessst cupcake and fairy cake cases. The little ones were under a pound and the gingham ones were about £1.50 I think.

DULCE DE LECHE! Or caramel, to everyone else. Caramel. in. a. can. I have been looking into how to make this and trying to figure out where to buy it for quite a while. I can’t believe they had it in Sainsburys Beeston all along! It was around £1.60. Look what you can make with it!

I also bought vanilla bean paste (which I’ve also been lusting after for a while) which was £6.99 (I KNOW. But I’m planning on it lasting me until about 2014!). I also got strawberry flavouring and sicilian lemon flavouring which both smell delicious. I plan on using them to flavour cupcake frosting and cakes too!

Halloween supplies! I bought Halloween cupcake cases (pointless? perhaps. But at £1.09 for 75, they’ll last me through *quite* a few Halloweens) and Halloween cake decorations. Both of which are for my October Cake Eaters Anonymous entry which will be…. (drum roll please), Chocolate caramel halloween cupcakes with bright orange frosting, decorations and more caramel! What do you guys think?

So thats what I got in Sainsburys, I then trotted over to the big Tesco store to compare their baking range.

I spotted the famous Mary Berry (terrible) cake mixes. Oh Mary Berry, who designs your packaging, the 1970s?

Sprinkle and food colouring range – not as big as sainsburys but carrying more or less the same products.

Candy melts – 99p!!

Before I left I also snapped this picture of some new festive cadbury flake cakes and yule logs.

What are your baking essentials?