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Many thanks to Jimmie Chew for tagging me with my first ever blog award!

I’m a little bit new to this so here goes…

Seven things about me

  1. My favourite foods in the world are pizza, cinnamon buns and muesli with blueberries. Weird huh. I love cinnamon buns but never make them in summer – they are truly a winter comfort food. Needless to say, I’ll post the recipe on here in the next couple of months!
  2. I love cats and dogs, especially all cats and all dogs. Plus anything else cute too.
  3. I have a bow problem. Bow shoes, bow headbands, bow tops, bow necklaces, bow EVERYTHING.
  4. Brightly coloured sprinkles and learning new cake techniques excite me. When I got my Wilton 1M tip and piped cupcake frosting that actually looked like amazing proper cupcakes for the first time, I jumped up and down with happy.
  5. I live in a victorian house and love period features and learning about the history of where I live. I would love to live in a classic new england style house with a porch and white clapboard too – I blame the film practical magic, which I continue to love to this day.
  6. My favourite films are Sleepless in Seattle, Heathers, and Hocus Pocus. Growing up I was also completely obsessed with Famous Five and Sweet Valley High books, which are a continuing source of mirth even today.
  7. My favouritest time of the year is Christmas, followed by Halloween/autumn, followed by Spring, followed by Summer. Some of those are holidays and some are seasons, I know!

15 10 blogs that are new (to me!)

Check out these blogs I’ve recently discovered – well worth a look!

  1. Kitchen goddess in training. I love Emma’s blog!
  2. How Sweet it is. A fabulous baking blog that I recently discovered.
  3. The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. Another baking blog but with more of an emphasis on cookies – they’re amazing!
  4. Jim’s chocolate mission. I love this site as it alerts me to all the new products to try!
  5. Rockstar diaries. I’ve spoken about my love of this blog before. It’s awesome!
  6. Two peas and their pod. Despite being very established I’d somehow never noticed this blog until Kath, Caitlin, Emily and many more started raving about Mama pea’s new cookbook.
  7. Confections of a foodie bride. Great blog with lots of helpful recipes.
  8. I am a feeder. I love the look of this blog, its so cool, and the content is great too!
  9. I heart organising. I love this site. Inspiration to be crafty and super organised!
  10. What Kate baked. Great new to me blog, I’m planning on taking up the autumnal baking challenge soon!