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I love this time of year. This crumble is made with apples and raspberries both gleaned from other peoples gardens (I’m still waiting to make something with my many pears!). It has an extra crunchy polenta topping, perfect for autumn! Speaking of autumn, this recipe is my submission to the What Kate Baked autumnal baking challenge – take a look here!

Here’s what you need to make it!

  • Fruit – any kind you like
  • 110g butter
  • 110g sugar (demerera is best)
  • 180g flour (substitute a portion of the flour with ground almonds for extra deliciousness)
  • 30g corn meal/coarse polenta

First, chop up your fruit and sprinkle over some sugar and a few knobs of butter. If your fruit is very sweet/ripe, you won’t need the sugar – such as when I made strawberry crumble. These were cooking apples and definitely benefitted from the sugar.

Mmm cinnamon. Next, make the crumble topping. Put your dry ingredients in a bowl and add in the butter (cold and cubed is best). Rub them together until they resemble smallish breadcrumbs (don’t worry if some of them are bigger breadcrumbs).

There are some bigger breadcrumbs. At this stage, make sure you taste the crumble mix just to make sure its delicious enough (it may benefit from more sugar/cinnamon).

Cover the fruit in the delicious crumbly golden crumbs. Add some cinnamon and sprinkled sugar.

And cook! I cooked mine at 130 degrees for about 45 minutes. You want the top to be crunchy and golden.


Delicious gooey fruit, meet delicious crunchy topping. Perfect for autumn!