Today the weather has snapped back to autumnal after the last few days of amazing/ridiculous (depending on your point of view) summer heatwave.

Since it seems at least a few degrees cooler today, I’m wearing jeans, a top and a hoodie! I feel a little strange wearing a hoodie out of the house (I’m not that girl) but it’s sooo comfy and I’m about to get on a train for the next five hours so comfort seemed to be a high priority! I’m actually not at work this week, instead I’m travelling down to Lyme Regis on the Dorset coast for a little seaside break with my family.

New gap hoodie. Kind of unflattering when zipped up but very soft comfy and warm!

And the turquoise top underneath that I got from new look a few months ago! I love this top, I think it’s really cute but casual.

Please excuse the vacant stare!

What route do you take when the weathers at that awkward in between stage and it might be cooler or warmer than you thought? I hate being too cold so I slap on the layers!