Right now I’m back home in Nottingham and very glad to be home indeed! I managed to catch a cold while away (well before actually as colds incubate for around 10 days before they STRIKE) and I’m currently lying in bed whimpering while alternating between being very hot and very cold. Also, my body feels like one big achey bruise.

As you *may* be able to tell, I am a complete and utter wuss when it comes to being ill.

Anyway here are the last of the pictures from my holiday!

My mum, dad and grandad on the beach at seaton

The high street at seaton with cute bunting

A MASSIVE cream tea

The view down to the sea in Beer, a lovely little seaside town with a sloping high street down to the bay. You can see the adorable little stream running towards the sea in the picture. Enid Blyton based much of the famous five locations on the area around the Dorset coast and you can certainly feel that.

Deckchairs and beach huts on the beach at Beer. The weather was actually lovely and warm when you were in the sunshine !