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While I was ill I really needed some freshly baked cookies. Not shop-bought biscuits, definitely homemade ones. So I scrounged around in the cupboard for ingredients and found butter, flour and a few chocolate chips. But no eggs. Most cookie recipes have at least one. So I decided to wing it with no eggs and use a splash of milk instead.

Now I know that making cookies by winging it instead of following a recipe is maybe kind of scary, and its not something I’d do if I was making cookies that had to turn out right. But if you’re an experienced baker then its really easy to do!

I started with about half a pack of soft butter, and added the same amount (what looked like the same amount!) of caster sugar – I mixed them up with some vanilla bean extract. Yum.

Next I added a generous splash of milk, a tsp each of bicarb and baking powder and plain flour. Enough until it started to look like cookie dough.

And then a bit more, for safety.

I decided to make two types of cookies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin so I divided my batter up at this stage.

and added oats, raisins and a dash of cinnamon to one.

and chocolate chips to the other. I splodged onto a baking tray and cooked for about 15 minutes at around 160 degrees and voila – amazing smelling, comforting home-baked cookies.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the oatmeal and raisin ones because I ate them so quickly – they were amazing!!! I made them on a whim as its not normally the kind of cookie that would appeal to me but the homemade version was fantastic. Chewy, thick, oaty and delicious. The chocolate chip cookies spread more, probably because the oats in the other cookies helped to keep them together – but they still tasted great, especially the next day.